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Open EVERYDAY 10am-11pm
Thurs, Fri, & Sat until 2am


Open EVERYDAY 10am-11pm
Thurs, Fri, & Sat until 2am

1965 Seneca St. Buffalo, NY


About Wise Guys Pizza – Located In South Buffalo


WiseGuys Pizza in South Buffalo is famous for the highest quality pizza and wings, Italian dishes, great prices, and family-friendly service you won’t find elsewhere. With our ‘Award Winning’ food, we’re sure to have a dish that’ll satisfy your taste buds. Unlike most all other pizzerias, at WiseGuys we actually care about our community and also our customers which we consider to be part of the Wise Guys family. We strive to please everyone by going above and beyond by whatever means necessary. If you’re looking for the best pizza and wings in Buffalo, stop in and join the ‘Wise Guys Family’ today! We won’t let you down. If we do, the pizza is on us.

-Serving The Best Pizza and Wings in Buffalo, NY-

WiseGuys pizza features a sweet Italian sauce and is now serving an ‘Old Italian’ traditional sauce for those who prefer a less sweet sauce. Join us today and choose from a great selection of menu items, including: • Pizza • Wings • Fried Chicken • Chicken FingersCalzones • Tacos • Hoagies • Subs • Pasta • Fish • Salads

Jay Seefeldt, Owner-Operator

Jay Seefeldt has been working in the pizzeria business since he was 16 years old and even before that, he was eating a lot of pizza and wings. Jay comes to the table with a completely new attitude and fresh blood to pump back into the business and it is his personal goal to satisfy every customer. Jay Seefeldt is not just another business owner looking to make a quick buck but rather the foundation of WiseGuys. You can find him in the back of the kitchen making sure your food is being prepared quickly, properly and consistently.

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Best Pizza and Wings in BUffalo, NY - Wise Guys Pizza

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Get wise and join the Wise Guys Mafia! Jay Seefeldt looks forward to providing you with a wonderful product and awesome experience, so come on in and join the ‘Wise Guys Family’ today!

'Top Rated Buffalo Wings and Best Pizza In WNY'