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1965 Seneca St. Buffalo, NY

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Open EVERYDAY 10am-11pm
Thursday and Friday 10am-1am
Saturday 3pm-1am

1965 Seneca St. Buffalo, NY


Reasons why pizza is actually good for you!

The average slice of pizza has 12 grams of protein, helps you absorb Lycopene (an antioxidant found in fruits and vegetables) that may help lower blood pressure, and having fresh vegetables as a topping is a very healthy option! That’s right, pizza toppings can be surprisingly healthy! You can add lots of vegetables and lean […]

MOB NEWS – Toy Drive!

It’s #mafia #toydrive time, so now the only question is…will YOU step up to the plate for kids in need? See promotional image for event details… #mafiatoydrive #buffaloevents #holiday #festiveseason #sharethelove #livethemoblife #eatwise #buffalo #ny #mafia #changinglives #buffalolove #thegenesiscenter

Favorite Pizza Toppings and Ingredients from around the World

India’s most popular toppings: Pickled ginger, minced mutton, paneer (a form of cottage cheese), and tofu are popular. Another favorite is “tikka”, chicken that has been marinated in a spicy yogurt sauce. Russia’s most popular toppings: Mockba, a combination of tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel, red herring, and onions, is popular. This pizza is typically served […]

More Mind-Blowing Pizza Facts

You can go your whole life without meeting someone that doesn’t like pizza! It’s the perfect food for so many reasons. So much so that often times we forget to think deeper about this beloved food. Here are some facts about pizza that will blow your mind! Nobody knows the name’s origin It was originally […]

Why pizza has such an amazing taste

From Italy to America Pizza was invented in Naples, Italy as a way to feed the working individuals food that was quick, advantageous and reasonable. It wasn’t until the end of World War II when soldiers returned home from abroad that pizza turned into a staple in American culture. Today, pizza is viewed as a […]

Breaking News: Mafia Has Expanded Operations!

We have expanded our operations into what we’re calling our new online mob apparel! In other words, we have tons of new merchandise for you to get your hands on. We have blue, black, and white T-Shirts with various colors of text and logos on them. There are also two great styles of hoodies. One […]

Fun Pizza Facts

Everyone seems to love pizza, so we assumed there must be lots of fun pizza facts floating around on the Internet. If you’ve ever been on the Internet then you know how popular pizza is there as well. Let’s dive into some interesting pizza facts we’ve accumulated from our research. Since 1987, October has been […]

Welcome To Wise Guys Buffalo Blog!

Check Out Our Upcoming Events! Community Support Events and Pizza Events Scheduled for March 2018    SOUTH BUFFALO PIZZA FEST DATE: 03/03/18      TIME: 12-5PM WHERE:  SOUTH BUFFALO CHARTER                    154 S.OGDEN ST BUFFALO NY 14206 Tickets $3 Presale/ $5 day of event Proceeds Benefit The South Buffalo Boy-scouts  SB KIWANIS EASTER EGG HUNT DATE: 03/03/18     […]

A Major Thank You From The Mob

Thank You From Everyone At Wise Guys Pizzeria!   We wanted to thank everyone who donated or shared our Toys For Tots campaign. Wise Guys Pizzeria was able to donate to the Genesis Center over 100 toys! Making this past holiday season much more merrier for so many families in need.   Over the past few […]

Holiday Hours & A Holiday Contest You Can’t Refuse!

Partake In Our Merry Mafia Holiday Contest Tradition, And Get Rewarded. Just a quick update to inform all #LoyalMobsters out there about our Holiday Hours and Holiday Contest. This year Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Wise Guys Pizzeria will be closed. We will re-open on the 26th of December with our normal hours. However, On New […]