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Open EVERYDAY 10am-11pm
Thursday and Friday 10am-1am
Saturday 3pm-1am

1965 Seneca St. Buffalo, NY

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Open EVERYDAY 10am-11pm
Thursday and Friday 10am-1am
Saturday 3pm-1am

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1965 Seneca St. Buffalo, NY


Top Rated Pizza in Buffalo

“We’ll make you a pizza you can’t refuse”

pizzaGuyColor Become part of the Mafia today! We're more than just your average pizza place. Wise Guy's Pizza located on Seneca Street in the heart of South Buffalo is family owned and operated for over 25 years. We strive to make great food and provide it quickly with the best customer service possible. We serve our pizzas with our house made signature sweetened sauce and the highest quality ingredients. We also serve our house made traditional pizza sauce for those who prefer a less sweet sauce upon request. Some of our popular menu items include pizza, 30 flavors of wings, fried chicken, chicken fingers, calzones, tacos, hoagies, subs, fish, & salads.

NOTE: Our Saturday hours have changed. We are now open 3PM TO 1AM on Saturdays.

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Wise Guys is a top rated pizza place in 'WNY' for a good reason, we care about our customers and strive to please each one while doing so with respect and integrity.

Serving: South Buffalo, Love Joy, Downtown, West Seneca, Cheektowaga, Lackawanna, & Sloan.

New Saturday Hours 3pm-1am

New Thursday-Friday Hours 10am-1am

*Notice of price changes as of SEPT 2019*

Please pay attention to our changed prices as well as updated and discontinued items.


We deliver to
South Buffalo, Sloan,
Firstward, Lovejoy,
West Seneca, Downtown,
and Kaisertown


Customer Reviews

Thank you to Wiseguys. We order for 3 big parties a year and have been doing so for 10 years. Every time we do, they go above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied. I can not say enough good things about them. The staff is always nice and the owner, Jay, is always going out of his way to make sure everything is in order. I would highly recommend them for all your party needs. Our guests are always happy-thank you guys.
Luke Swiech
These guys really care about their customers, if you're not happy with something they go above and beyond to make you happy. And the food, I had THE best buffalo chicken pizza last night. I'm so mad I didn't take a picture but all that was on my mind was eating it! It looked amazing and tasted as amazing as it looked too! Good job guys!
Amanda Gibson
The only place we order from in South Buffalo. If something’s not done right they will make sure it’s up to your expectations. We had a miscommunication on the type of pizza I wanted so they agreed to make the pizza that I wanted, deliver it to my house(because the first time I picked it up) and keep the pizza that was a mistake even though I said they can take it back. Customer service is great!
Kellie Smith
Great everything! Pizza and wings are fantastic. Large variety to choose from. Great neighborhood pizza spot and when you're with them, you're family!
Tone Balone
The pizza is great! Nice, crispy crust and the sauce is a little sweeter- love it. The wings are always done perfectly and they have the best Antipasto I've ever had; very fresh lettuce and loaded with goodies. Also have the BEST customer service. (and I don't even know the owner, but he'd doing a great job) AAA+++
Bill Meyer
Unbelievable chicken finger wrap, great flavor and hot!
Adam Mohamed
Awesome wings. Hot honey BBQ Chipoltle had just the right flavor with just enough heat to clear the sinuses but not be overpowering. Calzone is big enough I'll be eating on it tomorrow as well. Great job guys. First time ordering from yall n probably won't b the last.
Gordon Brewer
Their pizza is the best around. I have family members that travel 20 miles for a pizza. I live near three pizzas places but, i travel 5 plus miles to get wiseguys pizza! The owner is a great guy! Very friendly service!! By far the best pizzeria in Buffalo!
Mike Hanes
Love this place. I order from here once a week and my wife and I love it. The foods always ready right when I walk in the door and the service is very friendly. Our favorite is the chicken bacon ranch, you can't beat it!
Matthew Orcutt
Best pizza in South Buffalo!!!
Keith Hamann Jr.
I've been to Wise guys a few times now and it's one of the Few pizzerias I've Loved in Buffalo NY! I would suggest this place to anyone coming to visit the Buffalo Area.
Sal Alwish
I've been ordering from Wiseguy's for 20 years because they have awesome food.
Ann Marie Bologna
Best pizzeria in town....they have awesome specials that you cant get any where else...there service is fast and consistent...the workers are always so friendly...love this place its the only place i order from keep up the great work guys
Chris Dobrnzeski
Best pizza in town....fast service amd friendly staff...great daily specials and the biggest variety of wing flavors just all around awesome
Krystalin Bettt
Love the traditional sauce for pizza! Wings and fingers are delicious and their ranch dressing is the best!
B Rader
Excellent pizza and subs
Kyle Hammer
Great pizza and wings very consistent . .Best.
Maryann Rea
Great Pizza & Wings & antipasto again. Thx for another great birthday !!
Mary Ann Pfeiffer
The employees are always friendly. The food is delicious. Highly recommended!
Chelsea Colleen Mittlefehldt
LOVE that you carry GLUTEN FREE pizza !! So delicious. Thank you!
J Essy Lake
Food is outstanding from subs to pizza to calzones all delicious
Jessica Bartnik
Food is great never had a problem with delivery they never burn things like other people do and they're going to cater my grandsons birthday party this time thank you very much.
Brian McMillen
My favorite.... They got good food and excellent customer service....I love this place....I drive all the way from tonawanda for their food!
Samara Avery
Very wonderful they're great and there pizzas are the best!!)
Madeline Torres
First time ordering from Wiseguys during not so great weather. They arrived within 45 minutes, super friendly delivery guy. The food was still hot and sooooo delicious!
Amanda Gibson
Wise guys has the best pizza ever. We live in hamburg but will make a special trip in just for a wise guys pizza. The best pizza in WNY by far.
Jeannie Keller Hymes
The best pizza we've ever had! Awesome food, great service AND I see we're closer than I thought. GOOD!!!!! Keep it up guys!! (or should I say..wiseguys). lol
Jennifer Szewczyk-Hapeman
Love the food and the staff..Even if you want something made differently than stated on the menu they will give it a go!! When a first moved to So. Buffalo I ordered pizza from the various businesses until I found Wiseguys ...They are the best!! Keep on cooking!!!
Judith Jones
Thank you Jay and Wiseguys for the great food and going above and beyond for your customers. Honestly the best customer service ever!!!
Meredith Sauer Gregory
Went out of their way to make sheet pizzas, subs, and buckets of chicken wings on the spur of the moment for a graduation party with hundreds of guests. They are awesome!!! Definitely give them a try just for saving the day. The hot wings are fantastic!!
Kathy Ann
My favorite place to eat in all of Buffalo. Great customer service, Great Employees, Great management. Oh and of course great food. Thank you WiseGuys.
Nicholas Ivanoff
Every time I order the service is great they are fast with delivery, always polite. The Best thing about the food Is that if you forget to put it away it always tastes fresh the next day. I always recommend them to my family and have been getting food there for a couple of years.. Never dissatisfied
Belinda Beyer
As Always.....Wiseguys goes above & beyond for the kids in South Buffalo Soccer! Thanks for everything Jay!
Dennis Slomba
Great food, and staff! Top-notch customer service. Very involved in the community as well. You couldn't ask much more from a business.
Kenneth Yung
Favorite place to get wings love there sauces and love that the sauce for there pizza its sweet. Good job guys may just have to order something tonight!
Laura Stoltman Wroblewski
We order from your restaurant a few times a month ,the food is always good. I did want to acknowledge your delivery man today, he has delivered to us before too, he is always very punctual and friendly very impressed with him. I just thought he should get acknowledged for the great job he does
Dawn Maliske Russell
Best pizza in wny, i have yet to find another pizzeria that compares and their speciality wing sauces are awesome. When i was pregnant with my now 2 year old daughter their pizza was the only thing i was able to eat and its now my daughters favorite pizza also lol
Jessica Lynn Gray
My family has loved getting wiseguys pizza about 3 years now and every order has been delicious. We order from there once a month or every other month even though we live across the street from a pizzeria and within blocks of about 4 or 5. Really awesome guy who loves his community and customers right there. Wiseguys is quick to respond to messages, makes incredible pizza and really invested in making their customers feel important and appreciated.
Melissa Mune
You have the best food in South Buffalo, My hubby and I absolutely Love your food and go no where else when we want pizza, wings, subs, ex... Thank ypu for all the great food. Its always consistent and never bad. We tell everyone to go there and cant wait until our son is okd enough to eat pizza ??
I just went here for dinner with my mom and we got an order of shakers fries, fish sub and a meatball sub. it wasn't good it was amazing and i will be back. Definitely deserves five stars. I hope you will go there too.
Bri F.
Awesome pizza. Lots of cheese and a sweeter sauce. Great tasting crust. The price is awesome - you can get two large 2 toppings for under $18 including tax. I drive 15 minutes out of my way to pick up this pizza. Some of the best pizza in Buffalo for sure!
Mo S.
I've eaten so much Wiseguy's pizza and wings over the past 20 years it's ridiculous. He makes a great sauce. Their wings are really good and their pizza may be the best I ever had.
William H.
The pizza here is stellar. Even with chefs doing pizza right down the street I'll always pick wise guys. They deliver on time and I have never really had a problem with them.
Whiskey F.
Once again our January Birthday Bash. Wonder family & friends!! And as always Wiseguys made it even Better!! Outstanding Pizza with traditional sauce!! Great Wings! Antipasto outstanding. Thanks for the great food. The Pfeiffer's. Also the delivery guy was courteous & pretty handsome
Mary Ann Pfeiffer
We love your breadsticks! By far, the most addictive, delicious, sinful, buttery, garlicky, yummy buns of dough made anywhere!!! (and the best dipping sauce as well!)
Cindy Burison
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